Mr. Birendra Kumar Mishra: Nepal IGF MSG Chair, Mr. Mahendra Man Gurung: Ministry of Information and Communications
Secretary and Mr. Baburam Aryal: CEO Internet Governance Institute (From Left to Right)
Representing High Level Panel in Nepal IGF 2019
Manohar Kumar Bhattrai: Former Vice-Chairman, the then High-Level Commission for IT/ Chairman, Internet Governance Institute
Addressing High Level Panel in Nepal IGF 2019.
Nepal IGF 2019 Participants in the Closing of the event

About IGI


Internet Governance Institute (IGI) is an initiative established for strengthening Internet Governance at the grass-root level through research, capacity building, awareness, debates and policy intervention across the Asia Pacific. IGI believes in collaboration and operates through the participation of IG related institutions.


The main objective of IGI is to contribute to strengthening grass root level stakeholders through research, capacity building, awareness, debates, and policy intervention.

Major objectives of IGI are as follows:

  • Research and development on Internet Governance issues,
  • Conduct short and long academic and non-academic online and offline course on Internet Governance,
  • Conduct lectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, and workshops on Internet Governance,
  • Exchange of researchers and students working in the area of Internet Governance,
  • Do advocacy and promotional activities on Internet Governance related issues and others,
  • Design, develop, distribution and sales of digital and nondigital content on Internet Governance issues,

IGI Courses

Diploma on Internet Governance

IG School

Learning Materials

Tailored IG Courses


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APrIGF 2021 To Be Officially Held in Kathmandu Nepal

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Community Networks: Closing The Digital Divide

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Internet Freedom Shrinking in Asia Pacific

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National Cyber Security Policy: Stakeholder Consultation