APrIGF 2021

APrIGF 2021 To Be Officially Held in Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal will host the 12th Edition of Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum, 2020 (APrIGF 2020). Internet Governance Institute will be the lead host for the 12th edition of APrIGF where the Nepal Internet Foundation, Internet Society Nepal, and Nepal Internet Exchange will be the hosts APrIGF 2021.

Mr. Bikram Shrestha, on behalf of local host of APrIGF2020 Steering Committee, invited all the participants for the next APrIGF Annual Conference in Nepal. A short official video about APrIGF 2021 was also shared during the closing of APrIGF2020 Virtual.

The 11th edition of APrIGF successfully completed on 30th September 2020 as one of the first of its virtual conference. Though it was supposed to be held in Nepal in person, due to COVID-19, the event was organized virtual. The APrIGF 2020 was run for 4 days including the Zero Day capacity building on 27th September. The yIGF was also held virtually this year in conjunction with APrIGF2020.

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