Certificate Course on Cyber Law

The rapid development of Information and Communication Technology has changed the way we live in the 21st century. With such a tremendous development in Nepal, the influence of this has also raised numerous legal issues. The major issues being raised include the issues of social media, issues of e-commerce, the issues of Intellectual property in software and IT regime, and many more. It has been very prominent to provide the fundamental knowledge of cyber law, fin-tech, telecom laws to the early carrier legal professionals and prepare them. Along with that this course has been developed to leverage the progressive knowledge about emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, Internet of Things, Blockchain its usage, and the jurisdiction of this technology in the Nepalese context to the early carrier legal professionals. This course on cyber law is a week-long (Part-Time) course dedicated to the early carrier lawyers with the following issues.

  1. Introduction to Cyber Crime
  2. Privacy, Data protection, and Freedom of Expression
  3. Digital Forensic and Cyber Crime Investigation
  4. E-commerce Law and Practice
  5. Telecom Law and Practice
  6. FinTech Law and Practices


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop skills of substantive and procedural aspects of regulatory enforcement and other contested proceedings involving, information privacy and data protection, including cybersecurity, networks, and their management.
  • Gain technical expertise in Digital Identity and eSignature, Digital Forensic and Evidence Analysis, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital cash, Fintech, Payment Gateway, AML, Terrorism Financing, and intermediary Liability.
  • Develop an awareness of the management, economic, legal, social, professional, and ethical issues relating to cybersecurity and the use of the technologies in a secure way
  •  Acquire the practical skills and knowledge to recognize, troubleshoot, and resolve problems through fact-finding, evidence-based analysis, and counseling exercises, to become future leaders skilled in the identification and resolution of professional and ethical dilemmas in the Cyber industry


Course Outline



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