The third edition of Nepal Internet Governance Forum; a space for inclusive, productive discussions on Internet-related public policy issues from a multi-stakeholder perspective, has been set to be organized on 27-28 September 2019 in Hotel Himalaya, Kathmandu with the theme of One World, One Net, One Vision. Nepal IGF is a multi-stakeholder forum where various issues of Internet Governance are discussed. Nepal IGF 2019 is yet again being organized in collaboration with the Internet Governance Institute and Internet Society Nepal as the co-host sign and ISOC Nepal had collaborated to host Nepal IGF in 2018 as well.

The Multi-stakeholder Steering Group of Nepal Internet Governance Forum has called for the workshop proposal for Nepal IGF 2019. This year for Nepal IGF has adopted the theme of UN IGF 2019, “One World, One Internet, One Vision” as the overarching theme of Nepal IGF 2019 as well.

Similarly, it is also adopted 3 main sub-themes of UN IGF to be included in Nepal IGF, 2019 as well. In addition, a sub-theme of Social Norms and Public policy is also added. The proposals are not limited to these themes only. Other issues relating to Internet Governance are also most welcome in the Nepal IGF, 2019.

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