Nepal IGF 2019 Registration for Participation is Open

All interested individuals/stakeholders are requested to register for participation in Nepal IGF 2019 at Hotel Himalaya, Kupandole, Lalitpur, Nepal dated 27-28 September 2019.

Participation in the event is open and free. However, the host might not be in position to provide all arriving participants with conference facilities due to logistic constraint. The deadline for registration is Saturday, September 21, 2019, 24:00:00 NPT .

Registration can be don via this link.

Internet Society Nepal together with Internet Governance Institute collaborated with many institutions and organizations: Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Department of Information Technology, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Facebook, Internet Governance Support Association (IGFSA), Internet Society-Asia Pacific Bureau (ISOC-APAC), APNIC, ICANN, Ford Foundation, LIRNEasia, NCELL, Nepal Telecom, NPNOG, npIX, YOMARI, Worldlink Communications Private Limited, Centre for Law and Technology, Shangrila Microsystem Private Limited, CAN Federation, Antenna Foundation, Equal Access, FDE, Websurfer Nepal Communications System Private Limited, Lead Enterprises, IMARK, DD System & Solution, Equal Assess Nepal, Cyber International, Himalaya College of Engineering, ELITE Network, Sparrow SMS, WEBTECH Nepal,  SICT Nepal, ICT Frame, and Living with ICT to organize Nepal IGF 2019.

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