Ananda Gautam
Program and Policy Officer

Mr. Gautam is a Graduate of BSc. (Hons ) Networking and IT Security from London Metropolitan University. Mr. Gautam is a fellow of first-ever NpSIG 2018 and has been actively involved and contributing to the internet governance ecosystem in Nepal and the Asia Pacific Region. He secured Internet society Nepal Chapter fellowship to APRICOT 2018 and has also participated in India School on Internet Governance (InSIG 2019) and Asia Pacific Community Network Exchange as an International Fellow. Mr. Gautam also completed a course on “How to Engage in Broadband Policy and Regulatory Processes” organized by Internet society Nepal, CLT, and Lirne Asia. He is also actively involved in capacitating and encouraging youth involvement in Internet Governance. Mr. Gautam is NetMission Ambassador for 2020 and represents APrIGF as an MSG Member. He is Diplo Foundation alumni he also writes about Different Internet Governance Issues, Community Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Youth Empowerment in Internet Governance are among his interest areas.

Mr. Gautam as a consultant works in the periphery of Open data and Evidence-based Policy Making. He is closely working with the local government of the remote rural municipality of Nepal and providing technical assistance and innovative solution to foster citizens to government relations. Mr. Gautam in his initiation developed a mobile application on open governance which is now up and running in 8 local governments of Nepal till the date.