Diploma on Internet Governance

Diploma on Internet Internet Governance is the flagship course of the Internet Governance Institute. This course is 16 weeks long course which covers various aspect of Intenet governance followed by 1-week residential graduation program. Diploma on Internet Governance is a very comprehensive course that will give a thrust dive to the participants into deeper aspects of Internet Governance. It aims to curate the knowledge to the various working professionals of the Internet ecosystem and civil society actors of Internet governance. This course is supposed to cover the following modules:

  • Introduction to Internet Governance (History, Evolution, and Key Terminologies)
  • Internet Ecosystem and Stakeholders of Internet Governance
  • Human Rights and Internet (Data Privacy, Online Safety, and Cyber Crime)
  • Inclusive Internet and Digital Divide
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues of Internet Governance (National, Regional and Cross-Border)
  • Emerging Technologies trends and readiness ( IoT, AI, Blockchain )
  • AI and Data Governance