Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2019 Completed Successfully

Nepal IGF 2019 was the third edition of National Internet Governance forum, Internet society Nepal and Internet Governance Institute were respective host and co-host organizations for the program.

This year Nepal IGF had adopted the theme of UN IGF 2019, “One World, One Internet, One Vision” as the overarching theme of Nepal IGF 2019 as well. Similarly, it also adopted 3 main sub-themes of Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to be included in Nepal IGF, 2019 as well. In addition, a sub-theme of Social Norms and Public policy is also added. The proposals were not limited to these themes only. Other issues relating to Internet Governance were also most welcome in the Nepal IGF, 2019.

A total number of 15 workshop proposals were proposed among them 10 proposals were selected which included workshop proposals under the theme: “Social Norms and Public Policy”, “Security Safety, Stability and Resilience”, “Digital Inclusion” and “Data Governance”.   

Total number of 165 people in 1st day and 110 People in 2nd day attended Nepal IGF 2019. The participants represented major 8 stakeholders, among them youth, Civil Society, the Private Sector, Technical and Government were the major counts. 32% of participants were female also among total participants 22.9% of participants were from youth which was maximum count among all the stakeholders benefited. The workshop were focused on the Impact of Social Media, Child safety on the Internet, Youth In IG, Freedom of Expression, Inclusive technologies for people with disabilities and Data Governance. .. Number of disabled people participated in the program, people with disability were also represented in the panels of different workshops.  

The preliminary summary report is attached below 

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